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Got an Income Tax Question you need answered?


Want some information on your tax question before you call your tax professional?



I have been a CPA since 1969, and have operated an independent firm for almost as long. When it comes to taxes, I’ve just about everything. And if I haven’t seen it, I know how to find the answers! I know first-hand how important solid tax advice is for many professionals, both in their own career and for their clients.

But most people can’t afford to have a CPA on retainer that they can turn to for advice throughout the year – and most professionals don’t want to have to send their clients away to “ask your tax advisor” every time they ask a simple tax question. is the solution.

For one low annual membership fee, you have access to a full library of tax information that you can print out and pass on to your clients, or use for your personal finances, backed by the knowledge and authority of a real CPA firm. You will get valuable tax information, and you’ll enhance your reputation as a valuable resource for all your clients (without incurring the liability of giving out specific tax advice).

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